I woke up this morning to the sound of hacking. Maybe that was due to the six inches of mud everyone has in their lungs right now, or maybe it was because of all the smoking of anything and everything going on.

Whatever the case, there are some disgusting, tired lungs in Manchester right now. It's like the Dust Bowl. A big hippie Dust Bowl. But enough about that. I'm about to get shanked by a MySpace devotee, so I have to get going.

Saturday's Highlights:

- The Police played exactly the show you'd expect them to play, littered with hits and women going crazy over Sting. In the spirit of the festival, they even jammed out on a few songs. It's easy to forget with all the reunion hooplah how amazing the Police are, and they know how to connect with a crowd of 70,000. That said, they ended 50 minutes early with no encore.

Attention potential Bonnaroo headliners: If you are a headlining act scheduled for two and a half hours, it's only courteous to play at least two and a quarter, with at least one encore. Both headliners didn't follow through on this, and both left bad tastes in people's mouths. Rest assured, though, those of you who spent upward of two bills to see the Police later this summer will more than get your money's worth.

- The Flaming Lips came on stage for their set in a UFO lowered from the ceiling of Which Stage. They keep finding ways to top themselves, which is now kind of the nature of their beast. Long as they keep the ideas flowing, there shouldn't be any stopping them.

For a guy who made a point of saying politics and rock shows don't necessarily go together, Wayne Coyne sure did a lot of talking about voting during the set, but as far as celebrating being alive goes, you can't go wrong immersing yourself in a Flaming Lips show. Balloons and confetti fill the air, the lights are amazing and their message is beautiful. I've said it before, I'll say it again: The Flaming Lips are as fantastic as the live experience gets.

- I have some news. Don't be alarmed, it's nothing to get upset about, but you need to know the truth. Warren Haynes is your father. Every single one of you. And on this day devoted to fathers, it's only fitting you send Warren a card to let him know how important he is to you. Gov't Mule put on a SICK show in This Tent, rocking until 3:30 a.m. When I say rocking, I mean ROCKING. We're talking the reason the genre exists.

After the Flaming Lips, Mule provided a ripping counterpoint, bringing everyone back to Earth with some tasty licks all around and the big fella doing his thing. They don't make 'em like Warren Haynes anymore, but remember: There's a little bit of him in all of you.

- As for Sasha and Digweed, well, they are not to be trifled with. The whole scene sucks you in and gets you moving. At some point, it stops being up to you, everything takes over and your body is no longer your own. A while back I mentioned something in a concert review about infinite descending; well, at The Other Tent super-late last night, infinite had babies. On my face.

So yeah, 10 shows yesterday went a long way toward providing one of the single greatest days of my existence. Weather and dust beside the point, everything about yesterday was incredible. Time for an easygoing Sunday, right? Well, Wilco, the White Stripes and Widespread Panic will see what they can do about that. Thinking I'm going to sleep until death once I get home, but you know what: Totally worth it.

Stay tuned to CB Music all next week for full write-ups on anything and everything from Bonnaroo 2007. It's been a hell of a time, and I'm looking forward to giving you the scoop. Just need to take a shower or seven. And maybe 10 or 20 naps. Then, it's on.

All right then, time to dive back in.

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