After seeing him remain stoic, aloof, and even professional in the face of the desperate, hysterical antics performed by the women on his The Bachelor-style reality show, we started to get the impression Bret Michaels might be a responsible, semi-classy guy under it all. Nope. We were still wrong.

The former Poison lead singer apparently parties like the old days off camera, because he is being held responsible for trashing the house that serves as the set for Rock of Love, the show that attempts to find him a suitable mate. Holes in the walls and ceiling of the $9 million house located in Encino, CA, complete with dying plants and a new interior paint job, just might be a foreshadowing of what that new mate will have to look forward to.

A lawsuit was originally brought against Mindless Entertainment, the show’s production company, by Ray Sahranavard, the owner of the house, NME reported Thursday. Sahranavard claims the entertainment company is guilty of breach of contract, fraud, negligence, and negligent misrepresentation because they promised to look after the place while the show was running. Michaels was added to the list later, when the show’s producers admitted they were not monitoring his behavior 24/7.

Note to self: If I ever decide to rent my $9m bachelor pad out to a single rock-star and a company with “mindless” in the title, get a lawyer and a handyman right away, and spend the extra money on fake plants. Wait, on second thought, don’t rent out my $9m bachelor pad to any rock stars.

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