Britney Spears is looking for redemption after one of the most infamous – and disastrous – live television performances in history. Intended as her big comeback, last year’s appearance on MTV’s Video Music Awards instead turned into her worst nightmare.

In one of the bigger public belly flops (and we do mean belly) this side of Ashlee Simpson’s flubbed attempt at lip-synching on Saturday Night Live, the botched performance transformed Spears from one-time pop phenomenon into late-night talk show punchline practically overnight. Of course, the beaver shots, mohawk haircuts, and various other public exploits and meltdowns didn’t exactly help either.

So now Britney wants another shot. And she might just get it.

The one-time pop princess, reportedly all toned and cleaned up now, thanks to the watchful eye of her father (who now oversees all of her affairs), is in negotiations with MTV for a return engagement at this year’s VMAs. MTV hasn’t yet tipped its hand either way, but the network is airing advertisements for the VMAs featuring Spears and comedian Russell Brand, who is hosting this year’s show. You’ve also gotta’ figure that on the promise of possibly delivering another trainwreck, Spears return could also mean big ratings for the broadcast. The comical spots reportedly even poke a bit of fun at last year’s infamous bomb.

As with last year, a Spears performance at the VMAs in 2008 would also be tied to a new album the singer is said to be currently at work on. Early word says the new album will have more of an “urban sound.” The singer has also reportedly been busy getting into fighting shape, with workouts on the treadmill and at the gym replacing all-nighters at the after hours bars.

The question here is not so much will she do it, but if given the chance, can she do it? Here at Cinema Blend, we say never count out the motivated. A knockout showing at the VMAs would certainly go a long way towards redeeming the once virginal teen queen who has more recently been notorious for shall we say, her less wholesome exploits. I won’t go so far as to say we’ll actually be rooting for you, Brit.

But I can guarantee that we’ll be watching. Sign her up, MTV.

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