I’d be lying if I said I was a LeAnn Rimes fan, and I’d even be lying if I called myself a country music supporter. But I still don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t review her new disc Family. You’ll just have to understand it’s essentially me giving it a few listens and commenting on how it makes me feel as opposed to offering a formal musical breakdown. With all that said, it’s a shame I’ve never given Rimes a chance, because it only takes a quick run through Family before you realize the girl can flat-out sing.

A quick background check on Rimes also reveals she’s merely twenty-five, which not only means I might have a chance with the natural beauty, but also that she’s already an extremely accomplished artist at a very young age. In addition, I discovered Family is the first album in which Rimes has taken over the writing reigns, having written or co-written all of the songs on the disc – something she’s never even come close to doing before. For whatever reason, I’ve always had an extra level of respect for artists who write their own lyrics along with the music. There’s just so much more emotional depth and meaning to somebody actually singing their own song, and I definitely get that feeling all throughout Family.

My favorite tracks are “Doesn’t Everybody”, “One Day Too Long” and “What I Cannot Change.” I’m such a sucker for a piano driven song, so the later two are easy choices. I think I even heard some violin on “What I Cannot Change”; it’s an absolutely beautiful song. There are also plenty of poignant lyrics along the way, including lines like, “I will learn to get what I cannot change, I will learn to forgive what I cannot change, I will learn to love what I cannot change, but I will change.” For a rookie songwriter, I think Rimes does an exceptional job, and I think she’ll be just fine writing her owns songs for the rest of her career.

It’s not an album I’d throw in for a long drive, nor is it something I’d put on while entertaining a large group of people. But I can definitely see it becoming my go-to record for those gloom-filled rainy days spent curled up in a cushy armchair reading a book, because it induces an extremely comforting and uplifting atmosphere every step of the way. Family will no doubt satisfy legions of LeAnn Rimes fans, but I want to appeal to those of you like me, who’ve never given her a listen. If you’re looking to take a chance on something, look no further than this disc. Go out and get it, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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