In keeping with the current theme of broadening my horizons and reviewing music I’m not entirely familiar with, I popped Missy Higgins’s On A Clear Night into my player and prepared for a new experience. Not only did the Australian singer/songwriter deliver a uniquely satisfying first impression, but also a disc I’m going to be listening to for a very long time.

Higgins infuses her songs with a unique blast of refreshingly substantial lyrics while weaving her heavenly voice through soothing piano and an acoustic guitar, which produces a disc full of beautifully meaningful and extremely relaxing music. The opening track is the piano driven “Where I Stood”, which offers softly regretful lyrics that immediately induce a serious and soulful atmosphere. Yet the second song, “100 Round The Bends”, is significantly more upbeat and lively, which represents Missy’s musical and lyrical diversity. Rather than giving us a one-note album that stays relatively similar throughout, Higgins mixes it up, constantly switching moods, instruments and lyrics, all the while blending the joyful and the sorrowful to perfection.

Choosing a favorite tune from an album I love is usually a daunting task, but in the case of On A Clear Night, it was exceptionally easy. I’ve always been a stargazer, both literally and figuratively. My family has a cottage in Northern Ontario, and one of my favorite things to do in the evenings is head down to the dock and gaze up at the endless wonders offered by night skies. There’s just something about a clear night when stars litter the sky and the moon’s strobes illuminate peace and tranquility that keeps me going back year after year. The lyrics of “Steer” brought stark memories of these nights, with lines like: “But the search ends here where the night is totally clear and your heart is fierce, so now you finally know that you control where you go -- you can steer.” You can’t go wrong with any of the eleven songs because they’re all of top notch quality -- it just depends on which one you connect with. And don’t worry, with the substance and heart of this album, Missy will definitely speak to you in one way or another.

I have no trouble at all highly recommending On A Clear Night to anybody who likes their music delivered with powerful lyrics, an elegantly beautiful voice, and a strong concoction of emotion. Missy Higgins seized my attention the moment she started crooning about regretful relationships, she refused to let go while she sang about hope and self-love, and she finally released me with confident but restrained reassurance. If you use music to soothe or comfort yourself (as I do), this is a disc you will undoubtedly wear out, and is certainly well worth a $15 investment.

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