Ridiculously troubled British rocker Pete Doherty seems to have a fancy for a new girl, and this time she’s not a strung-out tweaker with apprehensions about rehab. Portia Freeman is a 20-year-old (or 19, some pubs say) model who’s being touted as a good, clean girl, today reported the UK newspaper the Mail on Sunday.

Despite denials that the two are together from both Freeman’s father (for whom denial is a natural reaction to this news) and Doherty’s manager, they are contradicted by the always-overriding “Friend,” who says Doherty and Freeman are smitten with each other.

“Portia is probably the best thing to happen to Pete,” Friend said. “She is a very clean-living girl and not at all into drugs.”

If indeed they are together, this could go two ways. In the version I prefer, it’s a good thing, seeing as hurricane Doherty could use a good influence to help him pull it together. Despite his long-term status as the entertainment journalism kicking-boy, Doherty’s attempts to clean up have made quite a list, including multiple rehab stints and banning his own band from drinking beer in his presence. It’s not that crazy to suggest that having someone around who doesn’t have to hide beer bottles under her pillow might resuscitate Pete’s business savvy - especially considering the band’s “emergency tour.”

Doherty’s band Babyshambles has been planning for their upcoming emergency tour (that is not its name), and the press has been slightly fascinated. The conjecture is that the tour is an attempt to refill the band’s coffers after the supposedly disastrous arena tour in November and December, where the band actually lost money. The band’s reps deny any losses, but of course the UK Mirror has an insider, “Source,” who reported at the beginning of January that slow ticket sales did not rake in enough to offset the costs of the tour. The new tour, Source thinks, is designed to recoup the band’s losses over the next few months. This is entirely possible if Pete and Portia continue to hang out and Pete keeps it together.

The other way it could go is that Pete could drag her into a destructive, career-crushing spiral, the tour could be an exhaustive series of no-shows and over-the-top antics, and Portia Freeman could be the new look of heroin-chic. Oh well, at least she will have money.

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