Drama Drama. Legendary R&B singer Aretha Franklin has thrown a hissy fit, after hearing Beyonce referred to Tina Turner as the queen. How deliciously catty. The feminine fighting started shortly after the Grammys ended, and apparently, tensions have heated up to the point where Aretha felt compelled to issue a statement through her publicist.

According to NME, Franklin called Beyonce’s introduction of Turner a “cheap shot for controversy.” I hate to say it, but Aretha’s right. Sure, it’s a little bitchy to issue a press release affirming your rightful place as the queen, but the “Respect” singer outshines Tina Turner in both the vocal and cleavage departments. She also gets a third point for not having married recently overdosed, domestic trainwreck Ike Turner.

Here’s a video of Aretha performing “I Say A Little Prayer” almost forty years ago...

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