Most people only know the name Carl Douglas for one song, hell, most only know the song: “Kung Fu Fighting.” The song has appeared in countless movies and commercials: Rush Hour 3, Bowfinger, City of God, Beverly Hills Ninja, and even Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Now the song is set to yet again be unleashed. Jack Black and Cee-Lo have announced they have teamed up to cover it.

That’s right, one-half of Tenacious D and one-half of Gnarls Barkley equals one sick and twisted new version of “Kung Fu Fighting” to be recorded for the soundtrack to Black’s new movie, Kung Fu Panda. I can only imagine what the conversation to initiate the collaboration must have been like:

“Cee-Lo, my man, my brother, my homie, I need a favor.”
“Man, you haven’t got me back for the last favor. I’ve been wanting my lucha libre mask for the next Gnarls video.”
“This is better: ‘Kung Fu Fighting’, you and me, rocking out, you loving it, I’m loving it.”
(Humming the tune from a McDonald’s commercial)”Yeah, I’m into it, I already got the video playing in my head: I’m Bruce Lee and you’re a dragon and we fight atop a bus driving around downtown Tokyo.”
“Sounds like Godzilla.”
“Oh, yeah. Alright then I’m Snuffleupagus and you’re Big Bird and we duel Bert and Ernie in front of Buckingham Palace.” “Yes!”

No word yet on the reaction from Danger Mouse or Kyle Gass, but I’m pinning my hopes on the two coming together for a remake of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land.”

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