Sick inside without a sense of feelin’, Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger has once again horrified me, though this time wasn’t from taking his own PG-13 pop-rock too seriously. Apparently, the fugly rocker routinely busts out his own special party trick, one which involves the insertion of his own penis into his mouth. I know. I’m still reeling from this new gayest-thing-I-have-ever-heard.

According to The Sun, the long-haired “How You Remind Me” singer discovered his “talent” at the age of fourteen, after he’d been dared to do something outrageous for a case of free beer. How he settled on treating his own dick like a lollipop is anyone’s guess, but he got busy on his own member, winning the twenty-four pack fair and square. Bravo, Chad. I hope those Keystones tasted like salt and your own dying children.

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