I know I complained about how every band who did anything music-related for free since October’s In Rainbows was being compared to Radiohead. Now that Coldplay however, is caught dead-square in the monotonous drivel for playing two free shows and releasing one of their singles on the house to gear up for their new album Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends, I could simply not care less. There is no band who has stripped Radiohead’s sound and style like Coldplay has. They are Radiohead’s underprivileged ugly stepchild – not that Radiohead is any better looking, mind you. I savor in watching Chris Martin prance around in Thom Yorke’s shadow. See also: Coldplay blows.

Today when I checked my give-a-shit meter, I found that it was running extraordinarily low when coming across two free Coldplay shows and a free single debuting on their website tomorrow. The single is also coming out on vinyl, because they discovered this is the best of-the-moment idea to steal. For those of you who don’t mind bands making a living raping other better, more successful artists, they will be in London June 16 at Brixton Academy and New York June 23 at Madison Square Garden. Keep checking their website for information about how to attend. Or don’t. Because it’s not worth it, even if it is free. If you do, well then I’m sure you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

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