London’s high society is expected to turnout in droves for an auction at Sotherby’s next week. The legendary collecting house will offer dozens of the world’s most highly sought after pieces of art, many of which are expected to fetch seven figures. Chief among the prized pieces is a 1983 Gerhard Richter photo-painting entitled Kerze, better known as the cover art for Sonic Youth’s groundbreaking 1988 album Daydream Nation.

According to NME, the bidding may reach up to five million dollars, though this figure obviously varies depending on who shows up. Among those expected to make plays for Kerze include: the affluent, the opulent, the plush, the new money, the old money, the prosperous, the high class, the swank, and of course, the fat cats. Among those not expected to factor into the bidding war include: the downtrodden, the homeless, the empty-handed, the impoverished, the depleted, the bankrupted, and of course, anyone living in daydream nation. How sad.

The auction takes place on February 27th; so, cash in those savings bonds and check for loose change between the couch cushions. You’re going to need to scrounge up all the pennies you can find.

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