I've always been more in the Breeders camp than then Pixies camp. While this may be an unpopular position to take, I don't really care. Why? Because Kim Deal is the coolest woman on the face of the planet, as the Dandy Warhols once (correctly) asserted, and any record she puts out is sure to be interesting, rockin', and distinctively Deal-esque. She has written songs about hot button issues like abortion and blowjobs, turned an opium trip into 2 minutes of jangly pop, and improbably cracked the Billboard Top 100 with a tune about the Marquise de Sade (that would be endless summer jam “Cannonball”). Kurt Cobain was a huge Breeders fan, calling the band’s first record Pod “an epic that will never let you forget your ex-girlfriend” in a 1992 interview with Melody Maker. Deal counts among her admirers a bevy of international rockers including Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips, French indie rocker Julie Peel, and electronic impresarios the Prodigy. So, really, how could anyone not be in the Breeders camp?

In anticipation of the Breeder's upcoming fourth record Mountain Battles, Deal gamely takes on reader questions in this month's Venus Zine. Frank and funny, Deal talks about dickish sound engineers, being a lady in a male dominated industry, working with Steve Albini, life in her hometown of Dayton, OH and why you should never leave your guitar out during a party. She also rattles off an impressively diverse list of recordings she wishes she had played on and proffers advice on how to write a song (in short: write the fucking song already).
A few choice quotes to whet your appetite:

On boys who don't wanna make music with girls:
I'm sure there are guys who wouldn't want to play with me because I'm a girl, so why would I want to play with them? They can listen to their White Snake album without me in the room.
On what she would be if not a rock star
I think [an] electrician, maybe — a rich, beautiful electrician. I could be like Nicole Kidman in the movies. I could be the research scientist who’s about to save the planet. I could do that ... but what are the hours?
On the forthcoming Breeders record:
The songs are just songs. But for instance, one song Kelley [Deal, Kim’s twin sister and musical partner in the Breeders] and I did live. She played stand-up bass and I played acoustic guitar while we sang. Steve Albini taped it live like that. Yet another song has Kelley playing bass and Mando playing rhythm guitar. I'm playing the lead and Kelley and I are singing throughout. On song has Mando playing a lead guitar which Albini then backward masked. One song has three, count 'em, three basses on it....
Three basses? This I gotta hear. Rock on, Ms. Deal. Read the whole interview here.

The Breeders’ next record Mountain Battles will be released on April 8th, 2008.

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