I understand why people found Debbie Gibson so intriguing back in the day. With hits like “Shake Your Love” and “Electric Youth” she bopped so in-sync to intense synth beats while her poufy hair-sprayed blonde bangs stayed perfectly still. She produced several hits and set the record for being the youngest artist to write, perform and produce a number-one hit. Gibson manifested into the perfect temporary 80s teen pop icon that every little girl wanted to be – except me, ok who am I kidding?

That was all somewhere around 1987-1989. It’s now 2008 and people are still going after this woman? She’s no longer some teen queen brought to you on a Popsicle stick. She certainly proved that after posing for Playboy. Gibson herself probably doesn’t think she could garner enough interest these days to gain a stalker – until one showed up on her LA doorstep Sunday.

Gibson filed a temporary restraining order Tuesday after getting her doorbell rung by a fan from Spain who she says has been following her around the world for the last six years. She says he’s showed up outside her hotels and backstage at her concerts for autographs and that showing up at her home caused her to ”fear for her life” and was the final straw that led to the order.

But stalker Jordi Bassas Puigdollers has a different, more innocent side telling the Associated Press “I wanted to use the fan club to help people who can’t go see her to get autographs and photos.” That’s real sweet of you Jordi but just watching that video of her fumbling around on that merry-go-round is enough for some people. Oh look, here it is...

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