Once musical icon, recent media punching bag, and MIA ruffian Pete Doherty is back on my radar again, where he hasn’t been since he went around squirting blood on people, kicking cameras over and clinging to dangerous, unstable women to get attention.

Unless the latest bit of intel is just another vile prank, the Muppet of rock stars is reportedly in the studio working on a solo album. Even better, involved in this effort is Graham Coxon, one of the top three guitarists I want at my next birthday party. The rumor comes from Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek, who told NME Doherty was recording with a guitarist whose name “rhymes with Layham Hoxon." It may still be Amy Winehouse we’re talking about, but my gut says it’s not.

According to NME, the pairing started on YouTube when Doherty posted a jam session of himself and Coxon playing Blur’s “You’re So Great.” The posting has continued with a disjointed video of Doherty, Coxon and producer Stephen Street working out a song tentatively titled “1939 Returning.” I have to admit the song doesn’t sound promising at this point, and hopefully Coxon will inject some of his pop sensibility into it to beef up Doherty’s wispy, minstrel-like presence. We’ll see how that goes.

Also of interest is a video Doherty has posted of himself singing to some guitar jamming by Johnny Marr, another of my top 3 birthday guitarists. That development, though, looks more futile considering the look on Marr’s face as Doherty bounces around babbling like a wastoid. Here’s to at least one collaboration going well.

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