Jim Morrison, once the lead singer of The Doors, was the hottest thing in music 40 years ago. Not an easy one to forget, he was poetic, free, intuitive and quite frankly, a sexy young stallion to boot. But the man was also flawed, ridden with personal demons and an insatiable inclination toward excess. Nobody could light Jim’s fire because he was the fire: he spread and consumed everything, then promptly flamed out.

In the many years since Jim’s death by overdose, the band’s remaining members, keyboardist Ray Manzarek (68), guitarist Robby Krieger (61) and John Densmore (62), have lived off the music legend’s name. As we previously reported, these guys had a hand in suing a seller of music memorabilia for not compensating artists for the stuff sold. Seems a little petty, especially since these are musicians from such a carefree era (at least that’s what I’m told).

Even more recently, as reported by Jam! Showbiz, Manzarek and Krieger were on hand at the Hollywood Walk of Fame so the iconic rock band that gave us “Break On Through,” “L.A. Woman” and “Light My Fire” could be bestowed the walk’s 2,325th star. "Jim always used to say: 'The West is the best!" Krieger said. "It has been an incredible 40 years and now I'm back with Ray and we're still playing and you know, it may never end." I’m afraid it’s going to have to end at some point, Robby, but by all means, enjoy it as much as you can.

Densmore, who was not present at the event because of a prior commitment to interview at a radio station (looking for work?), still made sure his voice was heard in a statement read by Jim’s nephew, Dylan Graham. The statement went as follows: " It is a great honor to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ... a street that Jim Morrison, Robby Krieger and I traipsed up and down, going into bars, asking if they'd hire a rock band."

There have been legal disputes in recent years regarding the surviving members' right to use the band name. In 2005 a judge issued a permanent injunction barring them from calling themselves The Doors, since it invokes a likeness of Jim Morrison to promote new material.

There’s certainly no disputing that the Doors deserve their place in history. Even in spite of Jim’s cautionary tale of a life, the music he and The Doors gave us is forever ingrained into our consciousness; not too bad for three hippies and an army brat.

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