The Eagles haven’t released a new album in nearly three decades – but that doesn’t mean they’re finished yet. Refreshed and revitalized after this summer’s European tour, Billboard recently reported the Eagles have plans for their first studio album since 1979’s The Long Run, which included their fifth and last number one Billboard single, “Heartache Tonight.”

Known for classic wind-in-your-hair songs and ballads like “Hotel California,” “Desperado,” “Tequila Sunrise,” and “Take It Easy,” the Eagles’ seventh album, with the working-title The Long Road to Eden, has been rumored to be reminiscent of the band’s older, more country-rock influences. Anxiously awaiting fans should expect the new album sometime in 2007.

"I would say the first half of next year we should be able to put out a new Eagles album," guitarist Joe Walsh told earlier this week, adding with a laugh that "it'll be nice to have some new songs to play, 'cause we're sick of the old ones!"

"We decided we better get some new product out, some new songs. We could rest on our laurels and play our catalog forever, but we're not a nostalgia band. We've got another record in us. We don't have a mean ol' record company to tell us we're done anymore, so we're taking too long. We really need to just police ourselves and get in there and get it finished and put it out."

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