Though I may love and respect Eddie Vedder’s music career, I don’t necessarily feel the same about his musical tastes. He chose to praise, of all people, Jack Johnson. You probably recognize that name as the top biller for several festivals this year, which was met by several collective internet outcries of What the fuck? Apparently though, he has a fan in the Pearl Jam singer who told Rolling Stone that the hipster-demi-god is “real.”

Seems like Vedder meant real, literally, in that most of what Johnson does it plop out songs from an acoustic guitar without much help. “As opposed to him getting a distortion box or opposed to him trying to be something else, it’s real. There are so many positive things that you get from listening to his records or seeing him live.” Positive things? The most positive thing I get when listening to Jack Johnson is when I’m not listening to Jack Johnson.

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