I will never be totally surprised by an outrageous headline concerning crack head Pete Doherty, but even I have my limits. NME is reporting late Libertines leaders Pete Doherty and Carl Barat have reunited to pen 20 songs for a musical about an up and coming rock band. I know we’re living in a post-modern era but WTF does not even being to cover my reaction to this.

Despite the fact rock musicals are flopping all over the place, Warehouse Theater in London approached Barat through his record label and commissioned him to write music. Barat then pulled Doherty into the deal, which I suspect Doherty assented to more out of a need for money, as his mounting legal debts have him in the proverbial hole, than artistic commitment. But perhaps NME is exaggerating. Not to question their stellar reputation for truth and factual analysis, but that story about Blur and Oasis making cheese together for the Brit Awards was completely ludicrous. I hope this one is, too, because the idea of Doherty and Barat writing a musical based on themselves makes me wanna barf. Why not just bring back the band?

On that note, Barat also tells NME that he and Doherty are considering bringing the Libertines back at some point but agree that neither are ready to do so just yet. Finally a bit of sense. It’s better to wait until the musical has flopped before going on a money making world reunion tour. Good luck to the once likely lads.

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