The letter began with “My daddy died in Iraq.” It seemed like a heartfelt plea for tickets to see Hannah Montana, who lately has been notorious for the crazy antics she’s setting her fans up for to catch her live in concert – including shaving your moms head. Signed, sealed and delivered by a six-year-old, it would be hard to believe that the whole thing was fake. Well, it was.

When the girl was surprised in a Garland, TX Libby Liu store on Friday, which gives little girls makeovers and promoted the contest, she was given a blonde Hannah Montana wig and awarded the grand prize – airfare and concert tickets for four to a sold-out Albany, NY Hannah Montana show.

They even identified the "soldier" – Sgt. Jonathon Mejivar - and gave details about how he died April 17 as a result of a roadside bomb. No word on which came first, the chicken or egg but the Department of Defense has no record of a soldier by that name dying and the mother has already admitted to lying for the tickets.

Now Libby Liu is thinking about taking the tickets back. Thinking? How about ripping them out of her grimy little hands and sending it over to a kid who REALLY lost her dad in the war. Now don’t be quick to blame the six-year-old. Instead, let’s take a look at her pristine example of a mother who, showing no remorse at all, said "We did the essay and that's what we did to win,” to a Dallas TV station. "We did whatever we could do to win." Did whatever you could? Like using our dying soldiers to win tickets to a concert? What a great example you're setting for your kid, I’ll bookmark this page when I’m looking for pointers on how to raise my daughter in the future. Way to go, jerk.

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