The LA Times is reporting the current owners of the Downey, Calif. Carpenter residence are threatening to level the home because they can’t get a handle on the tourists. Gracing the cover of their 1973 album Now & Then fans of the band are campaigning to save it from being demolished, branding it their version of Graceland.

Owners Manuel and Blanca Melendez Parra already leveled an adjoining annex to the house that was used as The Carpenters’ rehearsal space. At first Jessica Parra says her parents didn’t mind music fans visiting, but that it has taken the family about eleven years to figure out its not a good idea to let random people gallivant around the house.

"In the beginning, we let everybody in. But honestly, it became horrible, not only for us but for the neighborhood," she said. Now, I don’t know much about living in a famous person’s house but I would imagine letting everyone in created some warped domino effect, where three visitors turned into 30 overnight especially because the family was also giving away some of Richard Carpenter’s things that he left behind before he sold the house in 1997.

So far, officials in Downey have received the request for demolition but have issued no permit. The home is also where Karen and Richard Carpenter lived and created some of their best songs in the 1970s . It is also where Karen collapsed in 1983 just before she died from complications stemming from her battle with anorexia.

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