As Genesis prepares to release the 7-CD/6-DVD boxed set Genesis 1970-1975 on November 11, rumors of a reunion tour featuring the so-called “classic lineup” of the progressive rock band are once again making the rounds.

"We've never said never about it, you know," keyboardist Tony Banks told "I know Phil (Collins) would be quite happy with the idea of just playing the drums; it would be quite fun for him. Mike (Rutherford) and I are certainly happy to do it. I know Steve (Hackett) is keen as well. I think it'd be down to Peter (Gabriel) more than anyone else."

Genesis did embark on a reunion tour in 2007, which was captured on the When In Rome concert DVD. That tour featured what some fans refer to as the “Phil Collins” model, which is the incarnation of the band where they achieved their greatest commercial successes, mainly during the eighties on albums like Abacab and We Can’t Dance. During this period, with Phil Collins as their vocalist and frontman, Genesis racked up an impressive string of hit singles, and were also regular fixtures on MTV with their videos.

However, what many of the band’s most diehard fans have clamored for is the version of Genesis which features vocalist Peter Gabriel and guitarist Steve Hackett. In this earlier version of the band, Genesis were best known as a progressive rock band which featured long and complex songs such as the twenty plus minute “Supper’s Ready.” They also became known for Gabriel’s wildly theatrical stage performances, where the singer often wore a variety of colorful masks and props. The new boxed set Genesis 1970-1975 captures this period of the band.

According to some reports, the 2007 reunion tour was originally conceived with the addition of Gabriel and Hackett in mind, but Gabriel backed out to work on his new solo album, which has yet to be completed.

"I think we should do this before one of us dies; we're not getting any younger, to quote one of the songs, so maybe one day it'll happen,” Hackett said in the article.

Genesis 1970-1975 Box Set Track Listing


1. "Looking For Someone"
2. "White Mountain"
3. "Visions Of Angels"
4. "Stagnation"
5. "Dusk"
6. "The Knife"
DVD Extras
Reissues Interview (2007)


1. "The Musical Box"
2. "For Absent Friends"
3. "The Return Of The Giant Hogweed"
4. "Seven Stone"
5. "Harold The Barrel"
6. "Harlequin"
7. "The Fountain Of Salmacis"
DVD Extras
Reissues Interview (2007)


1. "Watcher Of The Skies"
2. "Time Table"
3. "Get 'Em Out By Friday"
4. "Can-Utility And The Coastliners"
5. "Horizon's"
6. "Supper's Ready"
DVD Extras
Reissue Interviews (2007)
Video: Brussels, Belgian Rock of the 70s television performance (1972); Rome, Italy - Piper Club (1972)


1. "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight"
2. "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)"
3. "Firth of Fifth"
4. "More Fool Me"
5. "The Battle Of Epping Forest"
6. "After The Ordeal"
7. "The Cinema Show"
8. "Aisle Of Plenty"
DVD Extras
Reissue Interview (2007)
Video: Shepperton Studios, Italian television performance (1973); Live in Bataclan, France (1973)


1. "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
2. "Fly On A Windshield"
3. "Broadway Melody Of 1974"
4. "Cuckoo Cocoon"
5. "In The Cage"
6. "The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging"
7. "Back In N.Y.C."
8. "Hairless Heart"
9. "Counting Out Time"
10. "The Carpet Crawlers"
11. "The Chamber Of 32 Doors"
12. "Lilywhite Lilith"
13. "The Waiting Room"
14. "Anyway"
15. "The Supernatural Anaesthetist"
16. "The Lamia"
17. "Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats"
18. "The Colony Of Slippermen: The Arrival/A Visit To The Doktor/Raven"
19. "Ravine"
20. "The Light Dies Down On Broadway"
21. "Riding The Scree"
22. "In The Rapids"
23. "It."
DVD Extras
Reissues Interview (2007)
Melody - French TV Performance 1974
1. "I Know What I Like"
2. "Supper's Ready"

EXTRAS 1970-1975

1. "Happy The Man"
2. "Twilight Alehouse"
3. "Going Out To Get You"
4. "Shepherd"
5. "Pacidy"
6. "Let Us Now Make Love"
7. "Provocation"
8. "Frustration"
9. "Manipulation"
10. "Resignation"
DVD Extras
Reissues Interview (2007)
Video: Boxed Set 1967-1975 VH1 Special

Midnight Special Performance
1. "Watcher Of The Skies"
2. "The Musical Box"

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