It’s been a while since he’s had any positive press (just a lot of documented legal mishaps), but George Michael finally has some good news to share.

According to All Headline News, the singer earned a whopping $2.2 million for singing 13 tunes at Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin’s New Year’s Eve party. I guess his resolution was to make a ton of quick and easy cash.

Potanin is the ninth richest man in Russia and he asked Michael personally to swing by and perform, which he did with his lover Kenny Goss and a 40-plus posse. They were flown to Moscow via private jet to perform at his 20 acre estate. It’s said to be the heftiest payday ever offered for a single performance, averaging at around $31,510 a minute.

According to a source who blabbed to the Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper: "This was a private closed party only for the closest friends of Mr. Potanin. There were a lot of officials and wealthy Russian individuals. Michael left the venue at about 6 a.m. and flew straight back to London on his own private charter jet. It is always more convenient to deal in cash and George seems to be happy with that arrangement."

You know what they say…you’ve gotta have faith. And friends in high places.

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