You gotta have balls to yell obscenities at a 6-foot-5 lead singer at Warped Tour. Or you could just be some drunken buffoon pissed off because you saved up your tips from delivering Domino’s Pizza for a year and you got shafted with Relient K playing the main stage. Either way, nothing good can happen.

According to, this was the lesson some “fan” learned when he called Travis McCoy, lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, a “fucking ignorant nigger” during the band’s set in St. Louis Tuesday night. Don’t worry, the moron got what was coming to him when McCoy took matters into his own hands.

Having finished the first song in their set, McCoy mosied over to the audience member and asked, “What did you just call me?” in an attempt to publicly humiliate the man. According to the band’s manager, the audience member reacted by hitting McCoy in the knee. McCoy, in turn, reacted by breaking his microphone over the man’s head. Once the scuffle ended, McCoy informed the crowd, “I’m sorry. But when someone calls you something that ignorant and offensive, you have to bash their head in with a microphone.” When the band finished their set, McCoy was arrested and charged with third-degree assault. Unfortunately, the “fan” has not learned his lesson and has been seen stalking around Barack Obama rallies.

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