Gavin Rossdale Wanderlust
Due: June 3, 2008
Label: Interscope
On Tour: Select cities, an AOL sessions premiere and David Letterman aren't a bad way to launch a solo career

Can't Stop The World
Forever May You Run
The Skin I'm In
Future World
Love Remains The Same
If You're Not With Us You Are Against Us
This Is Happiness
Another Night In The Hills
The Trouble I'm In
Beauty In The Beast
Lose Myself Tonight
You Can't Run From What You Forget
This Place Is On Fire

Gavin Rossdale evokes a picture perfect image of a grunge rock poster boy - minus the heroin and suicide. As the former lead singer and guitarist for Bush, Rossdale penned about 10 major mid-90s anthems that catapulted the UK band to the top of the charts amidst the dying genre. Bush broke up in 2002. Rossdale released an album under Institute in 2005. No one seemed to care. Now, one cute kid and a famous wife later, he has morphed into a paparazzi favorite around the streets and playgrounds of Hollywood and occasionally, a tennis court or two.

Pitch Patrol:
Embarking on his debut solo LP, Rossdale revisits his rock roots with a lengthy list of musicians including drummer Josh Freese and late Bush mate Chris Traynor. Despite it being dubbed a solo record with just his name on it, Rossdale told buzznet that worked heavily with the other musicians on sound and ideas, with even Ms. Stefani herself collaborating on “Some Days.” “I am going to enjoy this process and being back out there, in a world of people who dig music,” he said. Hopefully he will take his solo effort more seriously than his wife did.

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