Good news for RCA Records. On the public’s orders, they’ve doubled the dosage and completely fought off their McPheever.

According to Billboard and first reported by Entertainment Weekly, Katherine McPhee has been dropped by RCA Records, effective immediately. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

For a few weeks, Katherine McPhee was atop the World. She was kicking ass on American Idol, Uncle Sam was dreaming of her McHooters, and a prolonged career in the music business seemed assured. Then she started dating some creepy old guy and admitted to throwing up lunch. On a daily basis. People can tolerate a lot, especially bulemia (anything to keep that ass in business), but watching the girl they’ve been lusting over get engaged to some middle-aged nobody is too much to ask.

Still, the second place Idol finisher seems to be doing pretty well. She just finished filming a movie with Anna Faris and is now hard at work on a new project she describes as “one of those interesting indie films." Wow, that pretty much tells you all you need to know about the plot right there. I guess she’ll have plenty of time now that she’s not making “one of those, you know, record thingies.”

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