Rumored song titles from Coldplay’s new record have been leaked on the Internet, reports NME. The follow up to the X&Y is reportedly titled and has a running time of 43 minutes. The supposed track listing is as follows:

'Famous Old Painters'
'Glass Of Water'
'Cemeteries Of London'
'Violet Hill'
'Poppy Fields'
'Rainy Day'
'Prospekt's March'

While NME makes it very clear that everything in the article is speculation, if the song titles are indeed correct one must wonder if it was Chris Martin who picked up Panic at the Disco’s lost (!) exclamation point. There ought to be a children’s show with this storyline. Martin could score it; his music is the equivalent of Gerber mashed peas.

While the Internet is never a good source of reliable information (yours truly excluded, of course), Prospekt has a rumored release date of May 19th, 2008. Yes! Or, actually, how about No!?

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