Don’t misunderstand me, Interpol is awesome; they would still be remembered as awesome even were they to detour into high-school hipster electronica, or polka. But they have a glaring, throbbing flaw, like a huge zit on Liv Tyler’s face on prom night. Paul Banks’ lyrics are atrocious. They’re like a thesaurus thrown into a blender.

I see that you've come to resist me
I'm a pitbull in time
The pretence is not what restricts me
It's the circles inside
An anatomy of kisses
And a teacher who tries
And knows how we'll disappear

If accessibility sells music, Interpol is saved in having instrumentals that can wet pants.

Our confused love of the mothership aside, Interpol drummer Sam Fogarino is starting a side-project with Toshack Highway singer/guitarist Adam Franklin, NME reported monday. The collaboration, titled Magnetic Morning, will release their self-titled, five-track debut EP April 19, with a celebratory DJ set by Fogarino at Other Music in New York. My ear will be on alert, and hopefully I can leave my dictionary at home this time.

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