Grammys, sold-out shows and making movies are nothing without a good bra. Seems that’s been Jill Scott’s problem for some time now – so much so that the hefty crooner will be making her own.

The R&B soul singer, who has admitted in the past to having worn two bras at the same time – “a bra for lift, and one for shape” will be selling a line to fat chick store Ashley Stewart. Called the “Butterfly” collection, the retail outlet is saying the line is inspired by Scott, meaning she has nothing to do with it other than she allowed her name to be on it.

Scott’s fondness of her own breasts must have inspired the line. When asked if she ever considered breast reduction Scott says, " I really enjoy my breasts, They've been with me for a long time…we've had fun!" TMI, Jill, T-M-I

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