Beloved singer John Lennon may be long gone, but his piano, being the trooper it is, continues to tour and spread his pleas for world peace.

According to Yahoo! Music, Lennon's piano--on which he composed the song "Imagine," you may have heard of it--is now owned by George Michael. The piano last appeared November 2006 during a peace protest in Dallas where JFK was assassinated.

Now, the piano has a planned photo shoot April 4 at the U.S. site of Martin Luther King's 1968 assassination in Memphis, Tenn. It's the 39th anniversary of his death, which is actually pretty depressing. The world could use more people spreading messages of tolerance, especially in this day and age.

For those of you who miss the days of John Lennon making music, you're not the only one. But to ease your grief (somewhat), you can check out Yoko Ono's new solo album, Open Your Box, hitting stores April 24.

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