This upcoming Valentine’s Day, light a fire and get cozy with that special someone—or a box of chocolates—and get into the mood with Kenny G’s upcoming record.

Reuters reported that jazz saxophone player Kenny G has signed a new deal with Starbucks Entertainment and Concord Records, the partners behind Ray Charles' posthumous smash album, “Genius Loves Company.”

The saxophone crooner’s first album under the deal, the Latin-inspired Rhythm and Romance, is set to go on sale February 5 at Starbucks locations and traditional retail stores, just in time for Valentine's Day. To be honest, I can’t take KG seriously, especially since watching the Dana Carvey movie Master of Disguise when he goes to play the recorder and charm his snake, Buttercup, and as soon as his lips hit the underappreciated instrument (catch the sarcasm there?), a Kenny G track plays. As a matter of fact, every time I hear a saxophone, aside from being reminded of cheesy 90s love songs, I see Dana Carvey in a turban. But if you dig a brunette curly haired Fabio playing a fancy recorder, take a trip to your local Starbuck’s in February.

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