Remember when rock stars used to behave like rock stars? Now it’s always twenty-something female pop singers who vomit on themselves or leak crack smoking videotapes. It’s shameful, really. I’ve taken to snorting cocaine off humorously benign Cds to make up for the bullshit straightedge choices many musicians have been making. Apparently, Kings Of Leon lead singer Caleb Followill agrees with me, as he’s been hardcore boozing and taking swings at his drummer and bassist. Rock on, Caleb. Rock on.

According to Music-News, the battles with the bottle have grown so bad the rest of the band, along with the record company, have brought in security guards to help curb the excesses. There have even been rumors about a possible cancellation of the band’s upcoming European Tour since the four family members are reportedly no longer speaking to one another.

Discussing his alcohol problem and the nickname Rooster bandmmates have given to his blackout alter ego, Caleb said, “I hate it man, whenever the word rooster is involved, you can wake up and think life is great and have zero memory of what happened.” In all seriousness, maybe a break from alcohol might be the right call.

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