Ok, may be not the real Kurt. But the people who reportedly stole the Nirvana front man’s identity to buy a $3.2 million mansion in New Brunswick, New Jersey sure do. According to the grunge rocker’s rehabbed widow Courtney Love, thieves have obtained Cobain’s social security number and used it to buy the house, buy cars, put credit cards in her name and steal checks.

In classic didn’t-have-my-shit-together-enough-to-notice fashion, Love went to authorities five years too late, claiming to have known about the frauds for years. “I knew it had been going on since when I went cuckoo — bananas — in 2003,” she told The Sun Saturday. “It was fraud after fraud. But nobody believed me until now.” Um, maybe nobody believed you because you’re a batshitcrazy lunatic who has whored your dead husband's name and legacy for money since he shot himself in 1994. Just sayin’.

Anyway, Love claims this could go down as one of the largest cases of identity theft in history. Because I’m sure someone like Courtney Love is the kind of person who knows a lot about history. She says that 188 credit cards were put in her name and thieves swindled her out of about $72 million, which also includes money that goes to a trust fund of the couple’s daughter Frances Bean. Remind you, this is the same woman who claims her first experience with drugs occurred when her stepfather gave her acid when she was four years old.

The former Hole singer continued, “I did a check on my deceased husband’s social security number and he has a house [there]. He bought it last year.” If it is fact Cobain who purchased the residence Love advises that he “get his ass back home if that’s the case.” I guess everyone has there own way of mourning.

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