Australian pop sensation, Kylie Minogue, defeated breast cancer in May 2005, though she is (understandably) not ready to tour full throttle yet. As All Headline News reports, she was scheduled to perform with U2 last night (Nov 13) since Bono sang a duet with her on Nov 11 for the second performance of her Showgirl Homecoming tour.

However, she has not fully recovered from intensive chemotherary; at this point, she may have underestimated her physical endurance, leading her to reluctantly cancel her appearance. A source said, "Kylie called Bono to explain that she had worn herself out. She is really feeling the physical effects of her return to the stage."

Bono was mortified at her audacity and questioned Minogue’s devotion to music, saying that he believes she is using her cancer as an excuse to be lazy. That is of course, not true at all and anyone who knows anything about Bono knows he would never say or think anything like that. Instead, the source says she has his full support: "He told her to spend Monday resting, get her energy levels fully restored and relax. It wasn't a problem at all. Everyone realizes Kylie is putting herself through the mill for the tour."

Kylie Minogue’s shows have been altered drastically from last year to accommodate her current condition. Before taking the stage for her first performance on Nov 11, she said, "I'm as prepared as I can be but I'm not sure that I'll be able to do everything that I did before."

We know you performers believe that “the show must go on,” but Kylie, take a breather. You won’t be out of our heads anytime soon.

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