Most people seem to think Heavy Metal stars live the craziest, most fascinating lives. Bullshit, I say. Poet/ singer/ writer/ noted eccentric Leonard Cohen has consistently acted more outrageously than any Rock Star in history. He lived in complete seclusion as a Zen Buddhist on Mt. Baldy for five years. A legendary argument with producer Phil Spector ended with the two threatening each other with crossbows. He fucked Risky Business star Rebecca De Mornay, after he turned sixty. The recluse even picked up and moved to a deserted island in Greece on a whim. What more does the man need to do to get his just due?

According to Mojo, Leonard Cohen is set to tour for the first time in fifteen years! The series of gigs will take him all across North America. Specific dates haven’t yet been announced, but I’m already praying the “Hallelujah” singer will traipse through Indiana at some point. A still untitled album is also schedule to appear sometime later this year. It’ll be only his third since 1992. Check back in mid-February when we’ll bring you the complete tour dates.

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