There seems to be no end to MTV's awful taste and questionable programming. The once revolutionary music channel slipped from relevance into the utter dregs of media output: inane reality TV and gameshows. Now, in response to the perplexing return in popularity of the musical, MTV developed a made for TV musical to be aired in the summer, with a DVD release to follow. Whatever curiosity peaked will be squashed upon the titular revelation: Billboard's reporting that it will be called "The American Mall," and surprise, will be set in a mall. The horror doesn't end there; "The American Mall" recounts the tale of a young singer-songwriter juggling the demands of saving her mother's music store from impending doom and her boyfriend, a janitor by day, rocker by night.

MTV's previously forrayed into the made-for-TV-musical genre with "Carmen: A Hip-Hopera," which as the title suggests, set Puccini's opera, Carmen, into a contemporary street setting. Beyonce is probably still wondering how she got talked into that one. Although "Mall," unlike the My Super Sweet Sixteen movie, directs the channel awash in the sea of vapid pseudo-reality back toward the realm of music, it's still a far cry from the groundbreaking music on Alternative Nation, Headbangers Ball, and Yo! MTV Raps we were weaned on.

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