Mariah Carey is just getting started on her new album. And although she hasn't said yet who she'll be working with, if any of her prior collaborators are any indication, we could be in for some sweet delicacies.

Even coming off some personal turmoil over these last few years, we can still expect a slew of prominent collaborators to join her new effort. And while no one is officially on tap yet, we know that if she builds it, they will come.

The vivacious diva has dropped a track with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for their comeback album, Strength and Loyalty, expected to hit shelves April 17. The group’s label rep told MTV News that "she promised that she was gonna do a song with us once, and she kept her promise."

Carey also brought in Bow Wow (now omitting the “Lil” part of his name) to candy-coat the tune “Lil L.O.V.E.” Mariah had this to say about the song: "It's a favorite of mine. It's a nice song, and I think it really kind of gives you the back-in-the-day Bone vibe but also a very new take on who they are as artists."

She also said that she and other artists owe a real debt of gratitude to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for their widespread influence through hip-hop from over the years. "A lot of times people are like, 'I will make up a part,' and people actually think they made up that part, but I am so influenced by their style that it kind of merges together. It's funny, because so many artists today are influenced by Bone, and they may not even realize it."

In other news, Mariah is still dabbling in acting. We all remember the 2000 monstrocity Glitter (or at least we remember hearing about how bad it was) but her new film, Tennessee , hopefully won’t plummit to that level. In this movie, Mariah plays a waitress named Krystal, who also happens to be an aspiring songwriter. The story joins her with two brothers in search of their estranged father. While together, they learn a lot of life lessons and cry in each other’s arms, all resulting in Krystal performing her newly written song about their journey--in a bar.

Even while this movie might not be a contender at next year’s Oscars, it is worth noting that the song Krystal sings in the film is being written by Mariah and the great Willie Nelson (this girl sure knows how to network). Also in the movie, she will sing, a cappella of all things, parts of Nelson’s “Help Make It Through The Night.”

Mariah is ecstatic over the film, but her next album, according to her label rep, is "really early on in the creative process" and is expected to be out by this fall. It’s clear the girl still knows what she’s doing and how to work it in showbiz. If anybody is going to have a great comeback album this year, my money is on her.

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