Sir Paul McCartney is again in the news for his love of mood-altering substances. After being diagnosed with a heart murmur in 2005, the Cute Beatle was advised by doctors to stop drinking as Warfarin, a blood thinner prescribed for cardiac trouble, doesn’t mix with alcohol. McCartney’s alleged refusal to abide by these orders, according to Music News, directly contributed to the demise of his marriage to estranged second wife Heather Mills.

The news that McCartney secretly underwent coronary angioplasty (heart surgery designed to increase blood flow to the heart) at a London hospital last year has just emerged, but Mills' objection to the ex-Beatles’ hard partying ways is fairly legendary. In April 2006, Mills supposedly postponed a leg operation so she could support McCartney during his pre-surgery treatments. A source tells the New York post: His refusal to quit tippling per his doctor’s orders led to a huge fight and the acrimonious split a month later.

The Melbourne Herald Sun reports sources close to McCartney deny all the above allegations and blame Mills' publicist for planting the story. Given Paul’s history of enjoying the rock star culture of drugs and booze, what do you think?

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