After decades of hard-core rocking out and partying, Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger has seen and done it all. Or has he? According to The Independent, for the first time in his lengthy career, he has hired a voice coach to provide regular singing lessons. Something tells me that the new weekly expense won’t dent his bank account too drastically.

Jagger has hired a trainer to help preserve his voice after all these years, and he finds that teaching gives his vocal chords a necessary tune-up. As he told Virgin Radio, "Better late than never. I did a bit of voice coaching a couple of years ago, after 35 years with none. A bit of coaching and warm-ups ... really helps. I always tell these younger singers: 'I never used to do it either, but you should'. A lot of people have voice problems - not just older people, younger people too.”

A little vocal strain isn’t holding back his desire to tour. The Rolling Stones are halfway through their “Bigger Bang” tour, which went on brief hiatus after Keith Richards injured his head from falling out of a tree (don’t ask). The concert resumed in Milan last month, and several shows have been pushed back to next year.

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