Say what you will about My Chemical Romance, but at least lead singer Gerard Way is well-informed about the music which came before him. The front man recently spoke about the group’s upcoming album, citing such eclectic influences as Rick Springfield, Children Of Bodom, Queen and Bob Dylan. If you’re trying to figure out what this might sound like in your head, it’s impossible. Give up. I’ve spent twenty minutes trying to decipher how these bands might mash together, and well, here’s the best analogy I can come up with. Go to Golden Corral and load up on steak, chili, chocolate, and lasagna.

According to MTV, the forthcoming disc in question will also be a non-concept record, which is, of course, a shocker considering the group’s last few efforts have all told some sort of cohesive story. Concept albums always sound better in theory. The best song off Tom Petty’s Southern Accents has a sitar.

Expect to see this in late 2009 with plenty of distortion and angst.

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