Remember that Jonathan Davis solo tour I was reporting on last week? Yea, the article where a few “fans” raged at me for essentially saying Davis just has a so-so voice – nothing bad, but not exceptional either. Well, I still haven’t changed my mind, but the latest news regarding the cob-less trek is Davis will be releasing a CD/DVD to accompany the performances. Sweet, now he just needs Vedder along for the ride and he’ll have a real hit tour on his hands. What? I’m just saying.

Apparently, the companion piece will consist of “a small show in front of family and friends and some press as well as clips that shows everything from when we were trying out the band members to rehearsals leading up to the recording of this concert.”

Davis further told he’s not sure whether the CD/DVD will be made available in stores. "It depends on how many kids want it. I'm doing a limited run now, and we'll see what happens."

In all seriousness, I’m sure this concert will do well, and I never meant to sound like a Korn hater because I really do like them. Having said that, this whole CD/DVD idea seems pretty unappealing to me – who would want this? If you’re going to a concert, why would you want a DVD of a previous show? Eh, maybe I’m just not a big enough supporter to understand what’s going on here, but news is news, so be sure you have a ticket if you want the chance to buy this.

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