On July 9, former Smiths frontman Morrissey played at a Virginia venue organized by the controversial animal rights organization PETA.

The sexually ambiguous singer decided to call out Madonna, of all people, for occasionally wearing coats made from animal fur. He asserted, "I wouldn't be surprised if she made that African boy she adopted into a coat and wore him for 15 minutes, then threw it away."

Some might say that’s rather harsh; however, it does make for an amusing write-up. Morrissey is a long-time member of PETA and is evidently firm in his beliefs, but why he had to single Madonna out, especially with a personal attack, is unclear. He could have chosen any of the millions of carnivores out there.

Despite his lashing out, Morrissey still displayed gratitude for one thing--that thing being PETA. "I'm very gratified to be so close to the international headquarters of the People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals."

Morrissey has been a regular traveling man this decade, touring around the globe for notoriously rowdy shows where he usually encourages fans to find a way to make physical contact with him.

According to Yahoo Music, the set included such Smiths hits as “The Queen Is Dead,” “How Soon Is Now?,” "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side," among others. He told the crowd on hand how he feels about those tunes: "If you turn your head you'll see a black hole you can't escape from. That's the past."

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