Punk Rockers My Chemical Romance are being sued by The University of Maine Student Government. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. The multi-platinum group was scheduled to play a concert for students last Saturday, but they pulled out at the last minute, citing drummer Bob Bryar’s health. That was mistake number one. If you’re going to feign injury, at least give organizers a specific ailment. Maybe bacterial meningitis? Or a ruptured spleen?

According to Music-News, the university has given My Chemical Romance two weeks to fork over the 20,000 odd dollars in damages. If the monetary loses are not reclaimed by said deadline, the student government will caucus in order to decide how and when to formally bring a complaint. If I was the band, I’d just shell out the cash. The University Of Maine Student Government has a vicious reputation and have been known to break a few delinquent knee caps.

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