Hate him now or love him later, rapper Nas has cashed in, signing a deal with Fila, which will see the hip-hop star design his own 80s throwback apparel line. I’m all about makin’ that money money, but I’m not sure I can endorse doing it with sweat suits. Then again, I guess there’s a market for outfits which work both as fitness trainers and cocaine distribution networks.

According to Billboard, the deal holds more than just monetary significance for Nas, as his deceased buddy Will was a big fan of the brand, going so far as to be buried in a black Fila sweat suit. Let this article serve as an add on to my living will and testament: any of my friends or family members foolhardy enough to suggest burying me in a sweat suit shall be refused entry to my funeral and told to kiss my big black decaying ass.

No word yet on when the line will be available, but I’m fairly certain it’s debut will be widely celebrated amongst borderline gangsters and old Jewish women.

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