Excuse me while I interrupt my regularly scheduled credible music news postings to shriek like a possessed schoolgirl, circa 1991. Sorry. New Kids On The Block are reportedly reuniting and I’m about to bust out my NKOTB pink bedspread in celebration any second now.

Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan and Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood – in order of who was cutest, of course – are rumored to be getting back together, according to a source speaking to People magazine. I think it's sad in itself that I still remember all of their names without having to look it up.

The source says to expect an announcement within the next few weeks plus their official website, which hasn’t been running in years, is back up with just a slot to input your email address to sign up for the newsletter. And if you must ask, yes I did.

Too bad my stereo has been replaced with iTunes and my car not equipped with a cassette player, otherwise I’d be shoveling through storage for my NKOTB tapes faster than you could say “Please Don’t Go Girl.”

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