This was just too hilarious to pass up. It seems there is boy band beef between NKTOB and Backstreet.

Supposedly, Backstreet laid down some smack talk in earlier interviews saying, if the New Kids had any talent, they’d still be around. Well, as one can only imagine, the grown ups of New Kids haven’t taken that lying down. Member, Danny Wood told sources at that, quote, “Backstreet's records sound the same as before - their music didn't evolve like ours has.” He added, “They should've probably kept their mouths shut!

‘Tis true that my beloved Backstreet have had their share of disappointments in the past five years or so with their on-again, off-again relationship with the music industry. But, any band from that era is going to have to cede to the flux and flow of the pop scene, no matter who they are.

Now, as much as I’d love to be subjective on this—because as we all know, subjectivity is my strong suit—I just had to say something. This goes out to the NKOTB, more of an acronym than an actual band name: grow the fuck up! I mean, come on! You wait 15 years to make your so-called, “glorious” comeback and you think that you’re music has grown past the bubblegum fodder of your heyday? Let’s be real!

The last song that I heard from you sounded like a crew of middle-aged men talking about scantily clad teenage females that you were trying so hard to holla at in their “tank top[s] and [their] flip-flops.” Sounds pretty much the same as “Please Don’t Go, Girl”, only a bit creepier since Joey Mac lost the baby fat and J-Knight had a rather embarrassing stint on The Surreal Life.

I mean if we are to speak realistically, in this here real world of reality, neither one of these bands has a cool shot in hell of reclaiming any of their former glory. (Sorry, Backstreet. You’ll always be my favorite.) It’s almost laughable that Danny Wood (whom I don’t even remember as a New Kid in the first place) would decide he was going to lay a comeback call-out to a band that, honestly, is exactly the same as they are. I guess time will only tell which one of these bubblegum band juggernauts will actually get served

Just to put it out there, I’ll always put my money on Backstreet, I don’t care what anyone says!

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