Robert Plant said Friday he would tour with U.S. country singer Alison Krauss in May, according to Reuters, which means a Led Zeppelin tour for 2008 is a no-go.

Rumors of a 2008 tour by the aging rockers have been flying after their long-anticipated concert in London Monday received rave reviews. Plant announced via his website that he and Krauss will tour Britain and Europe in May. The duo’s Raising Sand tour is expected to be followed by U.S. dates in the middle of the year.

However, Reuters also reported rumors that Led Zeppelin, which inspired a generation of rock fans 30 years ago, may perform a number of shows at venues such as New York’s Madison Square Garden and Britain’s Glastonbury festival. According to WENN (World Entertainment News) via, the organizers of Tennessee's Bonnaroo Festival have quashed internet rumors that Zeppelin and Metallica will headline the 2008 summer event. Reports circulated on Monday, prompting Led Zeppelin fans to bid for early tickets and more information. The frenzy has led promoters to dismiss the reports.

In a statement, promoters Superfly Presents and AC Entertainment insist there are no plans for the two rock supergroups to perform, adding, “We're very excited about the line-up that we're putting together for this year's festival. We'll be announcing the confirmed line-up toward the end of January/beginning of February.”

Way to crush my dreams, Bonnaroo. A Zeppelin tour was a long shot, so that festival was my last hope. And Alison Krauss, sleep with one eye open.

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