Everyone has noisy, obnoxious neighbors at some point in their lives. Tim Allen had that meddling, asshat Wilson to constantly annoy him on Home Improvement. The poor Brady’s had to endure The Dittmeyer’s and their delinquient offspring, and as a child, I was constantly agitated by the worst neighbor of all: my uncle. He would get shitfaced at least three nights a week, stumble completely naked into his hottub, and shoot his bb gun at squirrels. Apparently, things are even worse for Noel Gallagher, though.

According to The Sun, Gallagher recently put his home on the market because the realization he lived just a few doors down from James Blunt was too much to handle. It’s not as if the “Beautiful” crooner was throwing wild parties either. The Oasis member just couldn’t deal with knowing Blunt was making shitty music within a stone’s throw of his house. That’s awesome. I personally have no problem with James Blunt or his music, but if a member of the Detroit Red Wings wanted to come over for tea and crumpets, I’d bail faster than Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez after that house caught on fire.

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