Along with stuffed wild boars, vintage 1970s underwear, 6,414 pairs of red women’s pumps and one Howard-Stern resembling cheese sandwich of questionable legitimacy, one click of the mouse could land you the original sofa seen on the cover of Oasis’ 1994 debut album Definitely Maybe – courtesy of the vendor of all things both reverent and irrelevant, eBay.

The small, beige piece of furniture, once sat upon by arguably one of the biggest, loudest assholes in rock history, Noel Gallagher, was put up for auction on Friday, according to the official Oasis newsroom. The auction ends January 23, with the bid (when I submitted this story) currently at £754.08, or 1,476.71 US dollars. The seller, only identified by the screen name mistersifter, is, a site that sells authentic Oasis merchandise including promo CDs, original album artwork, hand-written lyrics and original demo tapes.

Quoth MisterSifter on his eBay page, “I am sad that I have to part with this piece of rock n roll history, but I simply cannot fit more Oasis memorabilia into my flat.”

Definitely Maybe was the album that made Oasis an international phenomenon, instantly jumping to number 1 on the UK charts and becoming the fastest-selling British debut of all time, at the time of its release. It was propelled by the insanely popular singles “Supersonic” and “Live Forever,” and sold over a million copies in the US and 7.5 million copies worldwide, according to Wikipedia. It was also the subject of 4,758, 413 drunken English bar brawls, though that piece of information is unsubstantiated.

The sofa is seen on the album’s cover under the tukkus of songwriter and guitarist Noel Gallagher, in the Manchester living room of ex-Oasis guitarist Bonehead (Paul Arthurs) where MisterSifter says the photo was taken. The sofa now sits in MisterSifter’s home in Aalborg, Denmark, and comes with a framed certificate of authenticity from Bonehead himself and an original promo poster of the album.

May the purchaser continue the sofa’s living legacy, swearing loudly and obstinately at sound guys for no reason at all.

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