I am bummed, Miss Jackson. I’m not one to call myself a connoisseur of hip-hop, but I will say I got into Outkast when they started coming around, so the death of their manager on Easter Sunday evokes my sympathy towards one of the coolest uncool bands of the 21st century. Don’t chuckle, dork – you listened when the popular kids spun “Player’s Ball” at a party, and you probably turned it up a hair when “Hey Ya!” found its way through your car stereo speakers. Even a tatted-and-teared 50-cent fan can admit Outkast doesn’t deserve it.

NME reported Wednesday that their road manager, Chase Tatum, was found dead in his Atlanta home after an apparent overdose on painkillers. One thing you didn’t know about Outkast’s manager was that in addition to managing the band you know you’re obsessed with, he was also an actor and a former WCW wrestler. It was apparently the latter occupation that gave him severe back problems, which lead to his addiction to painkillers. Overdosing on these potent little puppies may have been the cause of his death, though the toxicology reports won’t be in for six to eight weeks.

So tonight I’m spilling a little for the homies and suplexing something in the puddle. Bon Voyage, Tatum. Here’s some ghetto music to get your spirits up.

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