I can’t believe I’m wasting my valuable time reporting this. Honestly, this story is so irrelevant, so unnecessary it makes me wish I was writing a thousand word piece on docking. Sick. Than again, if you know what that is, you’re probably the target audience for this Pulitzer nominee.

According to NME, shitty pop-punk band and future headliners of the Honda Civic Tour Panic! At The Disco are dropping the “!” from their name. Oh my God! Hide your wife and children, the Apocalypse is approaching. On a side note, I hope to God when the End Times do arrive it won’t be backgrounding by a Panic(!) At The Disco soundtrack. That pestilence seems like a nice occasion for Cher’s “Believe.”

Does this pathetic public relations move remind anyone else of Limp Bizkit sending out press releases to inform the world they were no longer using capital letters? limpbizkit. God, that was idiotic, and a slap in the face of every third grade teacher currently teaching students the joys of proper nouns.

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